The status of the great card game 3 card poker has finally been recognised with Evolution Gaming being the first live casino operator to release a live version of the game. You can now play live 3 card poker online at a range of  live casinos, where real cards are used by real dealers.  This is an fantastic alternative to the traditional software driven games, so if you’d like a change from playing against a computer try one of these great live casinos.

Live CasinosThe StakesNo DecksPairs Plus6 Card BonusSoftwareDedicated TablesPlay
Live CasinosThe StakesNo DecksPairs Plus6 Card BonusSoftwareDedicated TablesPlay
William Hill Casino Review£1 - £10,0001yesyesEvolutionyes
Unibet Live Casino Review£1 - £10,0001yesyesEvolutionno
Comeon Live Casino Review£1 - £10,0001 yesyesEvolutionno

3 Card Poker online at Live Casinos

If you’re used to playing casino games like slots against a computer you will find playing the experience of playing 3 card poker online at a live casino different from its RNG counterpart.

Once you have been through the lobby and chosen the table to play at you’ll be presented with the dealer sitting at the table and they will generally be looking and talking into the camera.

  • They won’t be able to see you.
  • There is a chat option where you can type in questions or just chat. The dealer will respond to you by talking back to the camera.  You can choose whether to have chat switched on or off.
  • There are two viewing modes to choose from.  3D View which is just the dealer and table or Classic View which is the dealer, table and a superimposed computer generated image of the table. Both can be displayed in full screen mode.
  • The cards are either shuffled by a machine or by the dealer.  On the dedicated tables it’s usually the dealer which does make for a slightly slower game.
  • Game sounds can be turned on / off.
  • The game is played with one deck of 52 playing cards and only one player hand is dealt.
  • You have the ability to place side bets.
  • You can choose how much to wager and you get the opportunity to repeat this bet for each hand.  You’ll also get the option to double your stake if you want to.
  • Betting time is 16 seconds.
  • There is also a comprehensive help section and you also have the ability to look at your play history.

You may be wondering what differentiates each of the live casinos listed above?

As you can see they all run the same software, so in terms of game performance they will be the same, in fact all of them use the generic live 3 card poker tables from Evolution so you’re quite likely to be sharing the table with players from other casinos in this list.

The main difference is that William Hill have a dedicated 3 card poker table, which is manned by their own dealer and only allows William Hill customers to play at.  What this allows William Hill to do is run on table promotions, so there is always an opportunity to get something extra when you play there.

I like playing at them all, but am drawn back to William Hill because of their on table promotions.